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Beneficiary Cergy Paris Université (CY)

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General Description

CY Cergy Paris University gathers the University Cergy-Pontoise, EPSS and ILEPS in France. With over 400 PhD students and 500 researchers, 23 laboratories, 2 Centres of Excellence and 6 open labs. CY is one of the most active research centres in France with a high international standard. It is part of the CY Alliance, which has been awarded the I-SITE label by the French government’s “Investments for the Future” program: it recognizes CY’s capacity to become an excellent university, with excellent research, high-quality training and a strong integration in the socio-economic fabric. CY is also a member of the EUTOPIA European University that aims to develop an open and inclusive academy for 2050, together with the Warwick, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Pompeu Fabra, Ljubljana and Goteborg universities. Finally, CY is committed to respecting the HR Charter and Code of Conduct and is involved in the HRS4R labelling process. The Geosciences & Environment laboratory (GEC) conducts research in the field of Earth sciences, with expertise in tectonics-geodynamics and in petrophysics-geomechanics, and in the field of environment. Its originality lies in its integrated, multi-scale approach of the deformation and weathering of rocks, from the field and the large scale analysis of geologic structures, to the study of microstructures using modelling and laboratory measurements. GEC has been working in stone conservation for more than 20 years. AGORA is a research laboratory studying cultures and comparative cultural societies, with 74 researchers and 80 PhD students. Its Heritage group adopts a multi- and trans-disciplinary approach (heritage sciences, archaeology, history, cultural policy, urban studies…) and collaborates with geologists, new technologies, etc.

Role and Profile of key people

Beatriz Menéndez is an assistant professor in Geosciences and Environment Sciences. Director of the Geosciences et Environment department she is also the director of a vocational bachelor in preservation and valorisation of Build Cultural Heritage. Her research interests are centred on underground storage and stability and Stone durability. She is interested in climate change effects and minimization of environmental footprint of BCH conservation materials.

Anne-Sophie Godot is a professional associate teacher in History of art and architecture. She teaches local architectural heritage and its value to the history of architecture. She interested in new technologies using in heritage preservation and its knowledge for the general public.

Katalin Escher, teaches history of art and enhancement of heritage at CY Cergy Paris Université ; carries out case studies of unprotected vernacular or rural built heritage in Ile-de-France ; worked in cultural engineering.


Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment

Experimental facilities of GEC laboratory related to the project are:  1 Climate chamber, 2 oven, 2 cooling ovens, 1 spectropolarimeter,  bond strength apparatus, mechanical press, He pycnometer, water distillatory. We can measure hydric properties, ultrasound velocity, electrical conductivity. In the microscopy platform: ZEISS Gemini SEM 300 (variable pressure, Peltier stage, EDAX spectrometer Bruker Quantax 123 eV, Raman spectrometer Witec Rise, atomic force microscope Bruker Dimension Icon, Confocal laser scanning microscope ZEISS LSM-710. We can also use the experimental equipment of LPPI and LM2CG laboratories of CY.


Independent research premises

CY is the owner of the research equipment and facilities and its research premises are wholly independent from other Beneficiaries and/or TC Partner organisations in the consortium.


Previous Involvement in Research and innovation actions

CY-GEC is currently involved in the H2020 MEET project, has participate to many national and international projects and programs in geothermal (ADEME), Structural geology and geodynamics (TOTAL, INSU, ANR, IFPEN), underground storage (IRSN, SwissTopo) research. Concerning Built Cultural Heritage : Durabilité de l’Interaction Mortier-Pierre dans le patrimoine architectural (DIMPPA – Labex Patrima. Binational Barrande program avec Czech Republic: Matériaux pour la préservation du patrimoine architectural  (Campusfrance). Heritriks projet : Analysis of Strachitecture (form and aspec) confront with non-monumental project, concerning heritage of the Olympic architecture in Athens, London and Paris, with Dr. Godot. European archaeological project « Kultur 2000 », 2002-2003. Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum Mainz, with Dr Escher. Film "Soixante ans de communauté européenne", GP Production, pour Pavillon de la Communauté européenne, Exposition Universelle, Shanghai, 2011, with Dr Escher


Current involvement in Research and Innovation actions

Concerning only people participating to the proposal: New sustainable mortars for stone restoration in the context of future  climate change (MOPGA, INEX Paris-Seine. Geophysical and geotechnical impact of fluid-rock Interactions for risk (GEOFRIK). Participation to the RILEM Technical Committee 271-ASC : Accelerated laboratory test for the assessment of the durability of materials with respect to salt crystallization.