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Beneficiary Technical University of Denmark (DTU)


General Description

DTU, Technical University of Denmark, is the largest and the leading environment in Denmark for training engineers and for technical scientific research. The Department of Civil Engineering (DTU Byg) possesses expertise within the broad area of Civil Engineering. The expertise is obviously mainly related to specific persons. The person in charge of the proposal at DTU Byg holds 17 years of expertise with research projects and management of these, contributes regularly to planning of and teaching just as supervises students.


Role and Profile of key people

Inge Rörig-Dalgaard, Senior Researcher/Associate Prof (female). Dr Inge Rörig-Dalgaard is senior researcher at the Technical University of Denmark, Department of Civil Engineering, Section for Materials and Durability. She has for > 15 years been involved in research related to cultural heritage monuments. She aims to bridge between theoretical insight and praxis. Is presently working in close collaboration with the CEO of one of the most respected private Danish Conservation companies on development of conservations methods in relation to a project. She is deputy chair of RILEM TC 271-ASC, was the first inventor on a patent, main organiser on the international conference “Historical Masonry”.


Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment

Within the last 5 years, DTU Department of Civil Engineering has erected 3 new buildings including geotechnical labs, chemical labs and structural labs. Ultimo February 2000 m2 concrete and materials lab has been completed too. Within the next year also the workshops and a few smaller areas will have their labs renovated (in process). These new buildings just as the renovations is made to meet new working environment demands, offering room for the increased number of students and last but not least to remain as an attractive partner in international corporations. In parallel to the building erections and renovations, the equipment has been updated as well and includes basis and advanced equipment within the area of Civil Engineering. DTU Byg possesses a board variety of equipment for materials testing, including: mechanical testing, chemical testing and examination, development of new measuring methods varying from simply to highly advanced equipment.


Independent research premises

All research facilities are owned by DTU Department of Civil Engineering, which is an independent institute at the Technical University of Denmark.


Previous Involvement in Research and innovation actions

DTU have been involved in national research project for almost 20 years, all dealing with different subjects within restauration of masonry, mainly historical masonry. E.g. electrochemical desalination, measuring methods, chemical decay, reuse of bricks. Prooof of Concept project related to Patent. 100.000 euro. Preservation of wall paintings on salt contaminated vaults with an applied DC field, is the method at the target ? 270.000 euro donated by the Danish private Foundation A.P. Möller and hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Möllers Fond til almene Formaal.


Current involvement in Research and Innovation actions

Deputy Chair RILEM TC 271-ASC. The TC aims at elaboration of a more realistic accelerated salt crystallization test. A draft has now been prepared. Current research projects on assessment of fired brick condition and development of micro measuring method in connection to salts on cultural heritage buildings. DTU Department of Civil Engineering is presently involved in another Horison 2020 RISE project just as the Horisont 2020 “REBUILD project”. Is it possible to avoid wall painting deterioration by use of measurements”. 180.000 euro donated by the private Danish foundation Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansen fonden. Ongoing. “The mystery of salt – a challenge for advisors”. 100.000 euro donated jointly by the private Danish Foundations: Martha og Paul Kerrn-Jespersens Fond and Direktør Ib Henriksens Fond; Foundations related to advisory engineering companies: COWIfonden, Rambøll Fonden. Ongoing.