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General Description

GEA asesoría geológica is a geological-petrological SME professional consulting whose main activity is linked to cultural and archaeological heritage in all fields of activity. It provides technical information on all types of materials, the causes of their deterioration and identifies possible solutions to achieve the conservation of all kind of cultural heritage whatever the environment t is in. It is also involved in conservation subsidized international and national research programs. By having its own well-equipped technological laboratory, GEA has undertaken over 400 preliminary studies and face to face technical assistance related to extensive heritage conservation in-situ work and projects. Working continuously for state and regional administration, restoration companies, public/private fundations, architectural studios or the Church. GEA continuously receives degree and master university research fellows, specially through an official Cooperation Agreement with the Universidad de Oviedo, Principado de Asturias Superior Art School (ESAPA) and from other universities. 


Role and Profile of key people

Dr. Luis Valdeón (M): BSc&PhD in Geology. Developed his whole career in Cultural Heritage Conservation both as a researcher and as professional consultant. As a researcher within “Petrophysics” and “Alteration and Durability” research groups of University of Oviedo and the Royal School of Mines of Imperial College in London. As consultant from 1994. Charter member of GEA since 2001 and current Projects Director. Over 400 reports in cultural heritage studies and in-situ work and more than 40 scientific publications in national and international journals and congress in geology and heritage conservation.

Dr. Félix Mateos (M): He is BSc&PhD in Geology; PMP® certificate from the Project Management Institute (USA). Researcher in the “Petrophysics” and “Alteration and Durability” research group of University of Oviedo. Charter member of GEA and current R&D manager. Associate Professor at the Geology Department of University of Oviedo since 2018. 38 scientific publications in national and international journals. Former Director of the Technical Office of CO2 Geologic Storage Programme of CIUDEN Foundation.

Dr. Araceli Rojo (F): BSc&PhD in Geology. Participated in 9 research projects and published 26 scientific publications in national and international journals. Educator at the University of Oviedo teaching specialized courses and masters. Charter member of GEA and current manager. Over 10 years’ experience in geology and petrophysics. Conducted several judicial reports as expert in hydrology and material studies.  


Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment

Main Technical equipment: Scanning electron microscopy with attached chemical analisys (SEM-EDX): TM3000 Microscope Hitachi / Quantax; Petrographycal optical microscopes (MOP - Olympus BX51&Olympus DP72); Mercure porosimeter (Micromeritics Autopore); Climatic chambers: salt mist-dryness test; freezing-thawing test; Colorimeter: Chroma Meter CR-400/410; Ultrasonic measurements: Pundit Plus. GEA has also priority access to big technological equipment: X Ray Difractometry, Mass spectrometry chemical analisys (LA-ICP-MS), Fluorescence Espectrometry, through a collaboration agreement with the University of Oviedo.

Infrastructure: Portable outdoor sampling adapted to cultural objects and monuments; Delicate preparation of specimens free of induced artifacts for delicate research: Two saw Isomet by BUEHLER; Samplepreparation for confocal laser studies and / or automatic counting of petrographic elements through digital images; Isolation chambers to work with toxic substances; Warehouse/Spanish heritage and ornamental rocks in doors exhibition.


Independent research premises

Own equipment as shown above. University of Oviedo big technological equipment priority renting access by GEA entreprise-university official agreement. Research premises wholly independent from other Beneficiaries and/or TC Partner organisations in the consortium.


Previous Involvement in Research and innovation actions

*Advanced Logging Investigations of Aquifers In Coastal Environments (ALIANCE) * Fundamental Processes of Radionuclide migration (FUNMIG) * Effects of the weathering on stone materials: assessment of their mechanical durability (McDUR) * Re-engineering of natural stone production chain through knowledge based processes, eco-innovation and new organisational paradigms (I-STONE) * European Ph.D. in Science for Conservation (EPISCON) * Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration Project (OXYFCB300) * Nano-systems for the conservation of immoveable and moveable polymaterial Cultural Heritage in a changing environment (NANOMATCH). Natural stone reinforcement of discontinuities with resin for industrial processing (INTERFASE) * Durability of natural stones (PERDURABLE) * Development of restoration mortars to improve functionality at low temperatures (MORATURA)


Current involvement in Research and Innovation actions

Desalination of historical buildings and archaeological pieces by bacteria (BACTEROSAL).

Expert system for early detection of geological risk (SEDTRIGE)

Heritage and/or Historic Building Information Modelling (H-BIM): use an innovative and specific H-BIM software developed and owned by GEA, called H-BIM Smart® (before PetroBIM®).