During this month, I supervised the work of the young researcher in mobility Julián Esteban about climate change and pollution impacts on built cultural heritage review (WP4) co-writing the reports on “A literature review of dose-response formulas” and “Climatological description of SCORE sites” helping him to generate climate simulations. We provided the historical and future climatic changes in SCORE sites to SCORE members, including Beatriz Menendez.
Together with Beatriz Menendez, we planned the publication in preparation to be submitted to top Q1 journal Science of the Total Environment led by Julián Esteban. We also planned the Agreements of academic cooperation and students’ Exchange between CYU and UR on Earth System Sciences (finally signed on March 2023). Finally, after receiving a training about in-lab characterization of built materials, I contributed to design and follow the in-lab “Extreme Cocktail” experiment plan serie of extreme cycles combining realistic pollution, salts, extreme high/low temperatures and floods to test material resilience. I also contributed to the Conference EnviMAT 2022 (Oral) during July, 6-9th 2022 about “Historical and future extreme climatic events in Europe and Latin America”.