The Secondment period allowed for the exchange of highly qualified skills and the knowledge sharing between the Home Organisation (UNIVERSITY OF MODENA AND REGGIO EMILIA) and the Host Organisation (COLEGIO MAYOR DE NUESTRA SENORA DEL ROSARIO CORPORACION SIN ANIMO DE LUCRO - UNIVERSIDAD DEL ROSARIO) within the SCORE - Sustainable COnservation and REstoration of Built Cultural Heritage project.
The first steps were taken to carry out an environmental impact assessment aimed at supporting the development of a series of innovative materials and methods dedicated to the preservation of Built Cultural Heritage (BCH), integrating the concept of climate change effects in short and long-term scenarios.
This activity was upstream of the development of materials and techniques for an eco-friendly restoration of cultural heritage, in order to lead the choices towards more targeted and site-specific solutions and to be able to monitor future project developments constantly and accurately.